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TAP Environmental Resources Inc. was incorporated in 2002, in response to a growing need, and requests for, environmental and hydrogeological services. The name was selected to indicate that we consider environmental factors to have great value. The name TAP reflects our interest in water related issues and is also, not coincidentally, the inverse of “Pat” the name of our founding president. Over the years TAP has expanded and developed expertise in a wide breadth of environmental services. We have also developed valuable associates who can augment our services if required for specific tasks.

TAP Environmental Resources Inc. and its associates bring together decades of experience in the fields of environmental monitoring and auditing, hydrology/hydrogeology, watershed management, and environmental education. The experience and diversified background of TAP Environmental Resources provides clients with innovative and exceptionally high quality resolutions to their environmental concerns.

The focus of TAP is to work with the client to develop a solution that is feasible and provides a quality of work that exceeds the client’s expectations.

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